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Module 4: Cleanup

In the last module we will terminate the instances we built and delete the CloudFormation stack.


  1. Terminate the Amazon EC2 Instances
  2. Delete the CloudFormation Stack
  3. Delete the IAM User

Task 1: Terminate the Amazon EC2 Instances

1.You must perform the following cleanup steps using your Admin Session.

2.Go to the EC2 Console: Select the following Amazon Ec2 Instances that were created as part of Module 2:

  • ProdEC2Instance
  • DevEC2Instance
  • ProdOnPrem
  • DevOnPrem
  • EC2ConnectInstance

3.Click on Actions, click on Instance State, and select Terminate. You will get a Warning, click Yes, Terminate.

Task 2: Delete the AWS CloudFormation stack

1.Go to the CloudFormation Console. Select 'InfrastructureIdentity-Env-Setup', select Actions and click on Delete Stack. At the prompt, select Yes, Delete

Task 3: Delete the IAM User

1.Go to the IAM console, click on Users, select MyWorkshopUser and delete.